Summer Eleventh Step & Recovery Retreat

Friday 17 February – Sunday 19 February

Going Forth

While on retreat we aim to create a peaceful atmosphere, free from distraction, that is conducive to deepening practice. We will ask you to help us maintain this environment in several ways. If any of these will be problematic for you, please contact us before you book.

  • We ask all attendees to turn off (not just on flight mode) mobile phones and other similar devices. If someone might need to contact you in an emergency, we can provide you with the retreat leader's phone number.
  • Vijayaloka is a meat, smoke, drug and alcohol free retreat centre. Please do not bring any meat, fish, alcohol or drugs. If you need to smoke, please do so well away from the retreat centre.
  • To support an atmosphere of stillness and contentment for yourself and other retreatants, we ask you to abstain from all forms of sexual activity while you are on retreat.

Your Welfare

We want you to have a safe and enjoyable time on retreat with us. If any of the following applies, please contact us before you book so that we can make sure we will be able to accomodate you in the best way possible:

  • You have any physical, emotional or mental health difficulties that may affect your participation in the retreat, especially if you are on medication or currently seeing a psychiatrist, or you will be unable to share a room.
  • You have any dietary requirements other than requiring plant-based food (all food at Vijayaloka is plant-based) or an allergy to gluten, nuts, garlic and/or onions (options for these are available on the booking form).
  • You are under 18 years old.
  • There is anything else we may need to be aware of to ensure you get the most out of your retreat experience.

COVID Safety

We are taking precautions to reduce the risk of COVID transmissions in line with Government recommendations, but being on retreat means you will be in close contact with the same group of people: preparing food and eating together, meditating in an enclosed space, and sharing dorm rooms.

Please do not book or come on retreat if you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, have been in any of the recent case locations listed on NSW Government's website, or have been in contact with anyone who has or may have COVID. We will offer a full refund, waiving our usual cancellation policy if any of these apply.

For more information see our COVID-Safe policy

Cancellation Policy

Our retreats often book out. The booking cost includes a non-refundable* deposit of $30. If you need to cancel your booking, the remaining amount can be transferred or refunded. If you cancel with at least 48 hours notice the deposit can also be transferred onto any other upcoming retreat.

* Does not apply if you develop COVID symptoms, have been in a recent COVID case location, or have been in contact with anyone who has or may have COVID since booking. In this situation, please contact us and we will provide a full refund or transfer.