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Talk: Sudrishti: "The Good Friend" Sangha Day 2017

Sudrishti gave this beautiful talk on Sangha Day on the 11th November. She speaks about why the Buddha said that friendship "is the whole of the spiritual life". The talk addresses the topic of friendship very personally, looking at close friends, mentors, and the potential to be a good friend even to someone we have just met, and asks questions such as "Whats in it for us?" and "Do retreats and meditation make me a better friend?". I felt very moved by this talk: thank you Sudrishti!

Link to talk on soundcloud.

Sudrishti and Ratnajyoti

Remembering Yoris: His Improvised performances at the Sydney Buddhist Centre.

Yoris Everaerts was a sculptor and performance artist, and a member of our Sangha, and he died in October. There was a wonderful and well-attended memorial and funeral for him at Glebe Town Hall on Friday the 3rd of November, where many friends and family gave heartfelt and very moving rejoicings in him. What a colourful and compassionate life he led!

I knew Yoris as a fellow artist, and we had many chats and shared ideas where we could. I helped him organise an exhibition at the centre, and he did three amazing improvised performances which we filmed, which are a wonderful document...

Yoris Everaerts doing an improvised performance in the main shrine room with his artworks

A statement on the violence in Myanmar

The Sydney Buddhist Centre is endorsing this public statement by the Venerable Urgyen Sangharakshita, founder of Triratna, concerning the appalling violence in Myanmar.

You can also find a link to the statement, as well as the short excerpt from a radio program given by Vishvapani, online here.

Yours in the dharma,
Aryadharma, Padmadakini, Ratnajyoti and Dharmalata

The management kula | Sydney Buddhist Centre


Statement on Buddhist-led violence against Muslims in Burma/Myanmar 2017 

As a Buddhist, I am utterly opposed to the encouragement of...

Pensive Bodhisattva Maitreya

Vijayaloka News

We wanted to let you know about all the work that's been going on at Vijayaloka of late, and also let you know about opportunities to get involved and to enjoy being amongst friends in this beautiful weather at the bushland retreat centre.

Recently we had a Working With Nature Retreat out at Vijayaloka. It was a wonderful weekend – between 20-25 of us including 5 kids (raring to go) spent the weekend together.  As we have found previously this type of retreat attracts new people so we had a mix of introductory dharma activities and enjoyed getting to know each other while doing the...

Working with nature people June!

A Card to the Manchester Buddhist Centre..

After the Manchester bombing, we sent a card, prompted by Viraja, from us all at the Centre expressing sadness and our care and empathy to Manchester Buddhist Centre. Arthavadin wrote back, and I’ve printed an excerpt from his letter below:

“I want to extend a big thank you from me and everyone else here in Manchester for 

the cards and kind words/thoughts you sent us following the terrorist bombing here. We were very touched that you were thinking of us on the other side of the world. 

The arena where the terrorist attack took place and the Victoria railway station...

Reflecting on BAM: Buddhist Action Month

By Gillian Reffell

At the Sydney Buddhist Centre June is BAM - Buddhist Action Month. It is a relatively recent addition to the Centre calendar and is set to become a firm tradition. The essence of BAM is to encourage individual Buddhists and Buddhist Centres to take any action they wish that benefits the environment, other people, our local communities or society. The theme for BAM in 2017 throughout the Triratna Buddhist Community was Connecting For Change. BAM seems especially relevant in a world that is dominated by individualism, materialism and consumer values. 


The Management Kula

The management kula operates a bit like a chapter. Not only do we meet with a shared desire to contribute to the running of the centre,  but also to grow as individuals who can take responsibility, communicate well, and help one another to do that. 

We would love you to feel a part of it, so do get in contact via Aryadharma or Ratnajyoti (, or indeed speak to any of us, if you have anything you want to suggest, or concerns and ideas that you have in relation to the centre and to Vijayaloka.

With much love,

Aryadharma, Padmadakini,...

Aryadharma and Gillian Reffell on SBC Initiatives on Divestment and Climate Change

Aryadharma and Gillian Reffell were recently interviewed on ABCs Radio National Breakfast program about our recent launch of the Buddhist Climate Change Action Kit and our divesting away from banks which invest in fossil fuels.

Here is the link to the short interview:

The kit, which is very practical and straightforward, is downloadable via the Federation of Australian Buddhist Council's website here:

We also received attention from the local newspaper, the Inner Western Courier...

A Fundraising Appeal for Sangharakshita’s Complete Works

Dear Friends in the Good Life,
I guess we are all aware that over the next 5 years all of Sangharakshita’s previously published works and also unpublished writings are to be published by Windhorse Publications. This is a very exciting and auspicious project, which will be such a benefit for generations to come. The first volume already published focuses on Dr B.K. Ambedkar and the mass conversions to Buddhism in India over the last 60 years. The other volumes to be published this year are outlined by Windhorse Publications here. In this first year there is the first volume of...

A Future Chair for Triratna Sydney

Dear Friends,

It is a great delight for me to have become part of the Sydney Buddhist Centre and it is a great honour to have been invited to take up the role of Chair. Thank you to all the Order Members who participated in the consultation process which eventually led to this decision. I am looking forward to getting to know the wider sangha over time.

It has been very enjoyable working with the Management Committee prior to joining it at the AGM a few weeks ago. The current Management Committee comprises: Ratnajyoti, Aryadharma, Padmadakini, Dharmalata and myself....