Our community is based on dāna, the Buddhist principle of generosity. As part of spreading the Buddha's teachings, we think it's important that we run our centre on the basis of dāna and aim to inspire a culture of giving.

We charge minimal amounts for our activities which we're able to do because so many people generously give money and time to establish and maintain everything we enjoy at the Sydney Buddhist Centre.

Sydney Buddhist Centre and Vijayaloka Buddhist Retreat Centre are operated as one charity. As a registered charity, our full accounts are available from ACNC under Triratna Buddhist Community (Sydney) Incorporated.

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What It Costs

Monthly costs based on spending from our financial year ending June 2022 (3 sf).

While most of our classes, courses and retreats are run by volunteers who aren't paid for the work they do, we employ a small team to handle administration and bookkeeping.

Insurances, legal, and accountancy costs

Everything needed to be operating such as insurances, fees for fire safety checks, card transaction charges, and end-of-year accounting.


Includes all utilities like electricity, gas, garbage disposal, telephone, internet, etc. for both Sydney Buddhist Centre and Vijayaloka.

Building works, repairs and maintenance

Includes everything needed to keep the centre and Vijayaloka in good working order and looking beautiful. This includes repairs, building improvements, pest control and grounds maintenance.


While both our buildings are owned by us, only Vijayaloka is owned outright. This is the interest on our loan for the Sydney Buddhist Centre building, and the solar panels that power it.

Gifts and Wider Triratna Involvement

This includes money donated to other causes, and travel costs to attend international meetings with other Triratna organisations.

Kitchen, office and shrine keeping supplies

Includes all our tea and biscuits, cleaning supplies, shrine keeping supplies like flowers, candles and incense, and office stationary and printing costs. Doesn't include retreat food which we take off retreat income.


Includes both online and print advertising which has proven effective for introducing new people to our activities.

Where It Comes From

The majority of our income comes from two sources: the generosity of people who come to the centre who donate either at classes or by regular monthly donations, and income from retreats at Vijayaloka.

We also make additional income from running courses, and from renting out the flat above the centre, and a small amount from bookshops sales and interest.

2022 2021 2020 2019
Donations 98081.61 93601.59 125009.1 74959.24
Retreat Profit 96650.95 118259.6 46019.65 102503.82
Hire-out & Rent 48695.57 51064.55 47320.87 62544.18
Courses 2149.82 6092.08 10002.23 26111.85
Other (including Government COVID support) 33836.72 54085.96 33866.64 4981.28
Income from our financial years ending June each year.

How You Can Help

Donations to the Sydney Buddhist Centre are very gratefully accepted. This helps us as a community to continue to offer our ongoing activities, including meditation instruction and encouragement to lead a creative and ethical life.

Donate by Bank Transfer, Card or PayPal

If you would like to provide support the best way to help is by giving a monthly standing donation. You can set this up on our donate page.


There are many ways of practising generosity beyond giving financially. Many people in our community give their time and skills appropriate to their individual circumstances. If you would like to be involved or to know more, please contact us or talk to Cittamaya at the centre.