Saṅgha Day

Saṅgha Day

Saturday 28 November

Sangha Day is one of our main festival days and celebrates the bonds of spiritual friendship and mutual support that exist between us as parts of a growing fellowship of practitioners.

Padmadakini   Led by Padmadakini
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pūjā / mitra ceremonies?

In our community, when someone considers themselves to be a Buddhist they can become a "mitra" (which means "friend"), which is marked by a ceremony. This is a significant occasion both for the new mitras and the whole saṅgha

The mitra ceremony takes place as part of a pūjā, a traditional Buddhist ritual that includes chanting and making offerings.

Do I need to book?

No - just turn up!

How much does the day cost?

We don't charge a fixed price for our classes but instead invite you to make a donation to the centre to help us cover our running costs.

A donation of $15-20 would help us to cover our costs, but everyone is equally welcome, even if you cannot give anything at all.

Do I need to be a Buddhist or a regular at the centre?

Everyone is welcome, but the day will be especially suitable for those who have been to the centre at least a couple times before.

I can't make the whole day - can I come for just some of it?

Of course! You're welcome to come for whatever parts of the day you can make - just try to turn up at one of the times on the programme so we're not in the middle of an activity.

I'm not a very good cook - what food can I bring?

We can never have enough of the basics: things like salad, bread, hummus, crisps and fruit always go down well.