Last updated 29th July 2021

Closure of Public Classes

While the current lockdown is in place:

  • All weekly public classes are moving to online only, except for 11th Step Meditation & Recovery Workshop, which will be suspended until the lockdown ends.
  • Irregular events, like Silent Sunday Meditation Mornings, are cancelled.
  • The centre is not open for general enquiries.

Cancellation of Retreats

While the current lockdown is in place, all retreats have been cancelled. This includes:

  • Men’s Intensive (Friday 25 June – Friday 9 July)
  • Mid-Winter Working With Nature Retreat (Friday 9 July – Sunday 11 July)
  • Winter Introductory Retreat (Friday 30 July – Sunday 1 August)
  • In Bahiya’s Footsteps (Friday 6 August – Friday 13 August)
  • The Parable of the Raincloud (Friday 13 August – Sunday 15 August)
    (This retreat will be offered online as an alternative, we will email you details)
  • The Rolling Wheel: Coogee Saṅgha Retreat (Thursday 19 August – Sunday 22 August)
  • Late Winter Working With Nature Retreat (Friday 27 August – Sunday 29 August)
  • Spring Eleventh Step & Recovery Retreat (Friday 3 September – Sunday 5 September)
  • Qi Gong, Walking, Meditation – Sesshin (Friday 10 September – Sunday 12 September)
  • Spring Family Retreat (Friday 17 September – Monday 20 September)
  • Tārā and the Ḍākinī (Thursday 23 September – Sunday 26 September)

If you have booked on any of these retreats you may transfer onto any other retreat later in the year, or receive a full refund. Please contact us by email on to let us know which retreat you would like to move onto, or if you would prefer a refund.

All our retreats will resume whenever the stay-at-home order ends, though it is possible that it may be extended longer and more retreats will be cancelled. If you are booked on another retreat which starts after the stay-at-home order is due to end, you can either wait and see if it will go ahead, or the same options to rebook or receive a refund are also available.

Online Resources

In addition to the online classes we are running, many of our friends around the world have created online resources. You may find these resources useful:

  • The Buddhist Centre Online has an online toolkit where they are running daily meditations every day at 4:30pm Sydney time, home retreats, podcasts, and have links to other great resources.
  • The London Buddhist Centre has an online programme with videos, online classes, and more.
  • Free Buddhist Audio have a huge collection of audio talks from Triratna Order Members, and the complete archive of our teacher Sangharakshita.
  • Windhorse Publications (UK) have a great selection of books and eBooks from Triratna authors and are currently giving away a free topical eBook each week.
  • Windhorse Books (Australia) have a selection of books and meditation equipment with home delivery available.


The outbreak of COVID-19 is a graphic reminder of the interconnectedness of all life. It is also a reminder to apply the Buddha’s teachings to respond with kindness, clarity and fearlessness. We would like to extend mettā and well-wishing to all beings.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.