Sydney Triratna Order

All Buddhist centres within the Triratna Buddhist Community are run independently by local Order members, those ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order.

We have about 36 Order members living in Sydney, many of whom are involved in running or assisting with classes, courses or retreats. Most are also members of the incorporated association which runs the Sydney Buddhist Centre and Vijayaloka Retreat Centre. Our management team comprises members of the Order.

A special festival day dedicated to the Dharma. We will have a shared bring-a-plate lunch,...

Sat 13 Jul 2019, 12:00pm - 04:00pm

Many of us who are meditators find it difficult in our busy lives to get opportunities to take...

Fri 05 Jul 2019, 7:00pm - Sun 14 Jul 2019, 3:00pm

On this ten day retreat we'll have an opportunity to explore meditation together. With...

Thu 01 Aug 2019, 7:00pm - Sun 11 Aug 2019, 3:00pm

Gathering of Dharmacharis from around Australia.

*Please note this retreat is restricted...

Thu 10 Oct 2019, 7:00pm - Mon 14 Oct 2019, 3:00pm

A retreat for those recently Ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Mon 14 Oct 2019, 7:00pm - Sun 20 Oct 2019, 3:00pm

Green Tara Sadhana Retreat for all Order Members.

The retreat will be an excellent...

Fri 08 Nov 2019, 7:00pm - Sun 17 Nov 2019, 3:00pm

Triratna Buddhist Community Coogee (including residential community Jayakula)

In Coogee there is a Buddhist group that meet and practice regularly, and a residential community called Jayakula where people from all walks of life can live in supportive conditions.

The Coogee Buddhist Community started in early 2012 and is committed to offering meditation and the teachings of the Buddha to all. Whether you are an experienced Buddhist and or meditator or just starting to explore you will find warm, welcoming and accessible support with us.

We are a warm, friendly community who enjoy these practices along with film nights, retreats and festival events at...

Solar panel win for the centre!

Yay you did it! We fund-raised over $12,000 for the solar panels in December. On 20th December 2018, Samacitta and Dhammakumara signed the lease documents with Nigel an April from Pingala. The solar panels will be installed later this month, helping to get us off the dirty grid.

Not only will the solar energy be cleaner, it will also bring down our power bills right from day one, and eventually, after 5 years, the energy will be extremely low-cost or even free. Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign with your generosity and efforts! Anyone who asked for a perk should be...

3 Cheers for 3 Chairs Meeting, November 2018

European Chairs have long been very well networked via the European Chairs Assembly, but there has never been a Movement Strand gathering in this part of the world. Dantacitta from Melbourne, Saradarshini from Wellington and Samacitta from Sydney met on Friday 30th November 2018 in Sydney. We spent a very full day together, sharing ideas and experience, and giving one another peer support. Topics covered included news from their three Centres and other places in the region, sub-35 activities, safeguarding, roles and responsibilities at Centres, Presidents, the relationship of Chairs to the...

Three Chairs of three centres- Dantacitta, Saradarshini, and Samacitta

Dhammachari Deeksha

On the 27th December 2015 four men from Sydney (Brocky, Eric, Julian and Stephen) and one from Auckland accompanied by their private preceptors (Viraja, Khemadhamma and Dharmananda) travelled to Bhaja in India to attend a four week ordination course. Initially joined by Sona from the UK who be the course leader and our public preceptor. We had a week together on our own (apart from the excellent retreat center team) before our Indian brothers joined us.

Bhaja is a couple of hours drive east of Mumbai, and a quiet agricultural area. The retreat center is over looked by the Bhaja...