Sudarshanaloka means ‘Land of Beautiful (or Happy) Vision’. This vision is not only of the beautiful hills, water and native bush, it is also sangha working together to manifest a shared vision through collective work and practise. This is the living beauty of sangha – not abstract, unreachable beauty.

Sudarshanaloka is a mandala of different people and activities. This mandala includes the retreat centre and resident community; Lotus Realm gift and music shop in Thames; Buddhaloka, the Buddhist centre in Thames (upstairs in the Post Office building); Buddhafield, an outreach and festival team; and the network of friendships spreading across New Zealand and the world which is the Triratna Buddhist Community.

This mandala grows with each person who forms a spiritual connection with Sudarshanaloka, whether by coming on retreat, visiting the community or helping out in some other area.

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