Triratna Buddhist Order & Community

The Triratna Buddhist Order and Community is a worldwide movement of women and men engaging with the Buddha’s teachings in the conditions of the modern world. Neither monastic nor lay, we are simply Buddhists at varying stages of commitment and understanding, adopting, to the best of our ability, the ethical standards of the Dharma.

Triratna is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘Three Jewels’: the Buddha, Dharma (his teachings) and Sangha (the community of all those who follow the teachings). The founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community and Order, Urgyen Sangharakshita, considers the defining act of a Buddhist to be Going for Refuge to these Three Jewels. This is the central principle or orientation of the Triratna Buddhist Community and of everything we do. At our Buddhist Centres we teach meditation, study the Buddha’s teaching together, engage with the arts, support each other through life, and engage in our local communities. We also promote projects in which Buddhists can live and work together, and explore how to turn our work into a spiritual practice.

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