Mandala of the Five Buddhas...Online

Mandala of the Five Buddhas...Online

We have moved this course to an online space, using Zoom.  

Please join us as we enter a realm of colour, magic and significance: the mandala of the five archetypal Buddhas: Akshobya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha, Amoghasiddhi and Vairochana. The mandala was developed in medieval India and still relevant today.   

Each Buddha embodies an aspect of the enlightened mind : The mirror-like wisdom that reflects everything just as it is, the wisdom of abundance, of uniqueness and of equality. Their qualities are expressed by their hand gestures, their jewel-like and diaphanous colour, their associated animal, symbols, elements and mantras.  

Once in the mandala you’re in a protected space, where the qualities of the Buddhas (or Jinas which means conquerors) are absorbed by you: unperturbed, equanimous, discriminating, fearless and wise. 

Each week we will explore a different Jina Buddha, and we’ll meditate on each one through discussion, symbol, image and sound.  

This is a 6 week course open to any level of experience. Booking required. Donations welcome.


Date Topic
7 April Meet the 5 Jinas, and the Enlightened mind of the Buddha Shakyamuni.
14 April Meet Akshobya and transform the poison of hatred into his Mirror-Like Wisdom.
21 April Meet Ratnasambhava and his Wisdom of Equality. Vanquish the poison of pride.
28 April Meet Amitabha and his Discriminating Wisdom. Surmount the poison of greed.
5 May Meet Amoghasiddhi and his All-Accomplishing Wisdom. Tame the poison of envy and jealousy.
12 May Meet Vairochana and his All-Pervading Wisdom. Overcome the poison of ignorance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay if I can't make every week?

It is best to come every week. If you'd like to come but there is one or two weeks you can't make, please contact us before booking.

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