Triratna Buddhist Community Coogee (including residential community Jayakula)

In Coogee there is a Buddhist group that meet and practice regularly, and a residential community called Jayakula where people from all walks of life can live in supportive conditions.

The Coogee Buddhist Community started in early 2012 and is committed to offering meditation and the teachings of the Buddha to all. Whether you are an experienced Buddhist and or meditator or just starting to explore you will find warm, welcoming and accessible support with us.

We are a warm, friendly community who enjoy these practices along with film nights, retreats and festival events at the Sydney Buddhist Centre in Newtown.

We are part of the Triratna Buddhist Community founded in the UK in 1967 and which now has centres in many areas of the world. Triratna is committed to helping individuals grow, develop and find peace, happiness and contentment in every aspect of one’s life.

As a part of an international Buddhist community we are networked with order members, retreat centres, institutions and resources that can be extremely useful for anyone looking for a way to bring the Buddha’s teachings to life.

You can explore our community via our website:

What We Offer

We currently offer meditation, dharma study (the Buddha’s teachings), retreats, film nights and festival days (as part of The Sydney Buddhist Centre’s program). We also have a Buddhist community house (Jayakula ) in Coogee that offers clean, aesthetic long term accommodation for people wanting to grow and develop in a home based on the Buddhist precepts.

What people find as they get to know others in our community is a context where friendship with like-minded individuals grows and deepens. This in itself is a wonderful and powerful support for personal growth.

We cater for all levels of experience and welcome those who may be interested to learn to meditate but have never tried it before.


– A place to live and grow that takes its inspiration from the Buddha

At the end of 2015 Jayakula (victorious tribe) opened its doors to provide a place where like-minded people interested in living by the Buddhist principles of  kindness, clear mindedness and generosity could live together.

It is a lovely, spacious house just an easy walk from Coogee beach, shops and public transport. Community members have their own room in a peaceful, friendly house.

You don’t need to be a Buddhist to live at Jayakula, you just need to be vegetarian whilst at home, non-smoking and we don’t have alcohol or drugs on the property. Partners are welcome to visit but don’t stay overnight.

Meditation and yoga is encouraged and we have a lovely, large air-conditioned room for these practices.

Contact Us

If you’d like to know more or come and visit please contact Dharmalata
0425 201 209