Saturday as a Sangha Gathering

We’re five weeks into our new Saturday at the SBC program.  In addition to our very successful Saturday morning meditations, we’re now offering coffee and pastries between 10 and 10:20am. Then, as icing on the cake so to speak, we are engaging in a Dharma session 'til around 11:30. We initially explored the Four Reminders: a precious human life, impermanence and death, karma and suffering – those topics of contemplation that are so important in keeping our impetus to practice the Dharma, for ourselves and others.

We're now looking at "The Texture of Reality" and our Dharma journey from the 3 lakshanas of unsatisfactoriness, impermanence and insubstantiality (such big words!), through the gates of liberation towards wishlessness, signlessness and emptiness...

The response has been terrific, with full shrine-rooms for both meditations and good numbers at the Dharma presentation and discussion. It’s really been buoyed by the fact we have 8 to 10 Order members committed to helping build this day and who are all seeking to bring depth and reflection to the presentations and discussion. We hope this will build to become a really enjoyable and inspiring part of our community life and we are welcoming all-comers!

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