Remembering Yoris: His Improvised performances at the Sydney Buddhist Centre.

Yoris Everaerts doing an improvised performance in the main shrine room with his artworks

Yoris Everaerts was a sculptor and performance artist, and a member of our Sangha, and he died in October. There was a wonderful and well-attended memorial and funeral for him at Glebe Town Hall on Friday the 3rd of November, where many friends and family gave heartfelt and very moving rejoicings in him. What a colourful and compassionate life he led!

I knew Yoris as a fellow artist, and we had many chats and shared ideas where we could. I helped him organise an exhibition at the centre, and he did three amazing improvised performances which we filmed, which are a wonderful document to his life and his depth of humour, his personal biography, and his empathy. I remember the narrative turning to a black dog with a haunting bark... and when he passed the Buddhist centre, he turned and barked, convincing Yoris to go in. Wonderful metaphor and imagery, and the subsequent journey he embarked on. The last video I will post was a performance he did at our Open Hand arts night, and it demonstrated his profound acceptance of the fact that he was dying, when he mused on life and death as a river, that he would surrender to and float down.

A few days before he died I asked him if he was happy for us to post his videos online, and he smiled and said that would be a "good way to be remembered". Go well, dear Yoris!



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