A Fundraising Appeal for Sangharakshita’s Complete Works

Dear Friends in the Good Life,
I guess we are all aware that over the next 5 years all of Sangharakshita’s previously published works and also unpublished writings are to be published by Windhorse Publications. This is a very exciting and auspicious project, which will be such a benefit for generations to come. The first volume already published focuses on Dr B.K. Ambedkar and the mass conversions to Buddhism in India over the last 60 years. The other volumes to be published this year are outlined by Windhorse Publications here. In this first year there is the first volume of Bhante’s autobiography, The Rainbow Road, The Three Jewels and Bhante’s commentaries on several Mahayana sutras. There are also new Forewords by senior Order members and new endnotes with some volumes.
Windhorse Publications has offered generous subscription rates for the Complete Works (all 27 volumes). I have been in touch with them and for us here in Oz a year’s subscription which includes postage is $300. I strongly believe that the Sydney Buddhist Centre should acquire The Complete Works so I am starting this fund-raising appeal. In the first year we will also need to gather the funds for a bookcase in which to house this collection. The bookcase needs to be half size (not floor to Ceiling) with glass fronted, lockable doors. The books will be available for reading in the Centre only.
Dharmalata has kindly done some research into what such a book case might cost. Ikea has nothing suitable and top of the range, ready-made book cases are between $700-$800. I have been able to consult with a Master Builder friend who uses a joiner for much furniture building. This man could build us a book-case specifically designed for our needs. Approximate cost $500-650.
So I estimate that in this first year we are looking for about $1000 for the year’s subscription plus the one-off cost of a book-case to house the complete collection. I am sorry I can’t be more exact. I promise to keep a very careful record of all money donated and if more comes in than we need I will keep it carefully aside and assigned towards  next year’s subscription. I am happy to fund raise for years 2-5. At $300 per year that should be very easy to do.
So please donate. There is a locked wooden box in the reception area where cash donations can be deposited or if you wish to internet bank to me direct the details are:

Account Name: Triratna Buddhist Community (Sydney) Inc
BSB: 633-000
Account No: 155877988

Please put ”Opus Bhante” in the reference box for the SBC. Many thanks.
May Bhante’s presentation of the Dharma be available for generations to come.
Yours in the Dharma and with much metta,

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