A Card to the Manchester Buddhist Centre..

After the Manchester bombing, we sent a card, prompted by Viraja, from us all at the Centre expressing sadness and our care and empathy to Manchester Buddhist Centre. Arthavadin wrote back, and I’ve printed an excerpt from his letter below:

“I want to extend a big thank you from me and everyone else here in Manchester for 

the cards and kind words/thoughts you sent us following the terrorist bombing here. We were very touched that you were thinking of us on the other side of the world. 

The arena where the terrorist attack took place and the Victoria railway station next door, which is used by many of our sangha, is less than half a mile from the Manchester Buddhist Centre (MBC) so it has felt very close to home. I'm not aware of anyone in our sangha, nor members of their families or friends, being physically harmed although some (family and friends) were present at the arena during the attack.

The day after the terrorist attack we held a vigil at the MBC which was very well attended. Many of us went on to the public vigil held at Albert Square (outside our town hall) which you may've seen on television.

On a personal note, I suppose what the attack brought home to me is how this terrible event is so common-place in other parts of the world and how fortunate so many of us are to live in relative peace.”