Buddha Blitz Update

Recently the Buddha Blitz team met at Gigi’s Pizza Restaurant on King Street for a ‘Blitz Wrap’ followed by a planning meeting at the Buddhist Centre. It was a chance to check in with each other in the new-year, acknowledge and celebrate the success of the Blitz and keep the ball rolling as we finalise odds and ends and think about the next steps.

Important action items include: the installation of a gorgeous new rupa in our entry vestibule; finishing the front of the building with painting, landscaping, signage, lighting and a dispensor for promotional flyers on the wall at footpath level; replacement and enhancement of plants and a water feature in courtyard.  Adam agreed to be a contact person for coordination of what will be hung on our walls and display boards and so please feel free to communicate with him should have want to share ideas and have input into this area. We also discussed other plans such as approaching the council to request bike racks out on the footpath and research into getting a mural or other artwork and signage onto the very large wall overlooking the service station and Enmore Road.

Many of you will have noticed that the painting of the outside has stalled! This has happened due to a misunderstanding by the painters about their OH&S requirements. The Council has stopped them using ladders for the upper floors and it is yet to be decided how the high work will be completed. This will be sorted out shortly and then it will be only weeks before the outside will look as good as the inside.