Bodhipaksa Coming to Sydney in 2017

It is with great pleasure that we announce Bodhipaksa’s first visit to Sydney. Many of you will know of Bodhipaksa and Wildmind; the online Dharma Community he has founded. Bodhipaksa is the author of several books and other online resources that support both meditation and Buddhist practice generally.

Bodhipaksa (name means wings of enlightenment) is originally from Scotland and was director of the Dhanakosa Retreat Centre there for three years before moving to the United States and settling in New Hampshire.

Bodhipaksa has been an inspiring teacher of meditation to many thousands of people and we are excited to announce a retreat and workshops he will be running here in Sydney in early 2017.

Please mark 3-10 March in your diary for a meditation retreat to be held at Vijayaloka based around The Brahma Viharas; the various expressions of kindness when it encounters different life situations. Workshops and talks either side of this retreat will be announced just a little later this year.

After Bodhipaksa has finished his time in Sydney he is hoping to head down to the Melbourne Buddhist Centre and provide a meditation workshop there.

Thus have I heard – it is a great delight to be led in meditation by his rich Scottish brogue!

~ Dharmalata