Berlin-Sydney Artists' Dialogue

A first, completely unique event:  What do you get when you put together three artist friends who paint in collaboration, two Buddhist Centres, continents apart, a laptop and a digital projector?

Answer:  We aren't sure yet, but something like an arts evening. Come to the Sydney Buddhist Centre and view past paintings made by Misha in collaboration with Aryadharma, and by Misha in collaboration with his partner Raisa. Hear the artists speak live from Berlin and Sydney about the inspiration, beauty and frustration engendered in the practice of collaboration.

Aryadharma is the artist who made the Buddha paintings commissioned this year by the Sydney Buddhist Centre.

Aryadharma:  "Since I met Misha in 2008 we have worked together on several large paintings, collaborated in running a drawing school, and developed our practice of meditation and painting-as-Dharma-practice together. My friendship with Misha was very much supportive of my training for ordination. Misha became a mitra in 2011. In 2013 Misha moved first to Berlin and then to Lapland where he now collaborates with his partner painter Raisa Raekellio. They are currently having an exhibition at the Berlin Buddhist Centre."

7.00pm:  Viewing of works by Aryadharma and Misha and a short talk about by Aryadharma about his practice and about collaboration.

7.45pm:  Skype call with Misha, Raisa and the Berlin Sangha, hearing about Misha and Raisa's exhibition in the Berlin Centre. A chance also to dialogue with the Berlin Sangha.

No need to book but please arrive for a 7pm start. Please also bring a plate to share.

The artists' websites: