Ksitigarbha Puja

Ksitigarbha Puja

Saturday 15 January 7pm – 8:30pm at Sydney Buddhist Centre, Newtown

In these disconcerting times, it can seem that the world is on fire with fear, ignorance and blame. We might feel disconnected and disheartened by this, but the Dharma is always there to reply upon. Puja is available to reconnect with our aspirations. Puja is a fundamental Buddhist practice that unites us in a shared goal - to loosen the bonds that cause suffering for ourselves and the world. 

Of the many inspiring Bodhisattvas, renown for descending into the very fires of suffering to bring liberation is Ksitigarbha. With his ringed staff and wish-fulfilling jewel he courageously walks treacherous paths for our benefit. Will you walk beside Ksitigarbha?

Come and join us at a new puja based on the early sutra that bears Ksitigarbha’s name.

This special puja will be conducted online via Zoom.

Sentient beings who have not heard your call

Are like children trapped in a burning house -

They may fall into despair and ruin.


But those who have heard, and heed your call

Are like brave and selfless warriors

Who charge the flames to bring forth the wounded.

Bodhidasa   Led by Bodhidasa

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Time Activity
7pm Puja begins online via zoom
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is puja?

Puja is a Buddhist devotional ritual. It often involves the chanting of mantras, meditation and reflection, readings of texts or poetry, and the opportunity to make offerings. Dependent on the subject, other elements can vary as appropriate

Do I need to be Buddhist?

No, anyone is welcome to participate as much or as little as they choose in the ritual, regardless of faith

What do I wear?

Generally anything comfortable and suitable for sitting in meditation. As this is a puja to Vajrasattva, some people may like to wear white

Do I need to book?

No, anyone is welcome to join in online via zoom

Is there a cost?

There is no set cost, however we are grateful for any donations participants are able to make to support the Centre