Celebrate Sydney Buddhist Centre going solar!

Celebrate Sydney Buddhist Centre going solar!

Saturday 12 October 11am – 1pm

Dear Supporters, 

Since early August we have been largely off the grid and relying on our solar panels and battery to keep the lights on,  the temperature comfortable, the water hot and the IT on the air!!  We are no longer relying on fossil fuels!

We would like to invite you to a solar launch celebration on Saturday the 12th of October at 11am, at the Sydney Buddhist Centre. 

The launch is to thank everyone who has helped us get this system up and running. That includes:

  • The generous people who donated to our crowdfunder that paid for the battery
  • The people who decided to invest in Pingala (the not-for-profit community energy company) which has given us a 5 year loan to cover the upfront cost of the panels and other energy upgrades
  • Everyone who made it happen with their expertise, knowledge and practical assistance on the ground

It would not have been possible without you all.

We are saving big money on power right now. And in 5 years, once we have paid off the loan to Pingala, we will save over $5,000 every year!

The installation took longer than any of us envisaged at the start! We probably underestimated the complexity of the solar industry which seems to depend on contractors to subcontract other subcontractors to do things that those other subcontractors don’t.  We also had not factored in that the big energy provider we were leaving just wasn’t in a hurry to help us be less reliant on the grid. They delayed the upgrade of our meter for 6 months so our solar system could not be connected. 

Anyway, we are past that now. We are paying much less for our power and now is the time to celebrate! 

At the launch we will be showing photos of the system and taking you on a tour of all the parts that make it work! We will have a brief explanation of what has been installed and what the display screens are telling us.

We will also enjoy a sumptuous morning tea with coffee or bubbles (organic local Kombucha) – your choice!

Please come and join us as we celebrate a milestone in moving the Sydney Buddhist Centre to be a more sustainable place of practice.