Buddha Day 2019 : Festival of the Buddha's Enlightenment

Sat 18 May 2019, 9:30am - 2:30pm

Listening, Reflecting and Meditating


'To follow the dharma revealed by the noble ones is to live in joy with a serene mind.' Dhammapada 6:79, trans. Easwaran


Please join us to celebrate and gain inspiration from the Buddha's Enlightenment by listening, reflecting and meditating on the words of the Buddha and of those who gained wisdom following his teachings. This day also traditionally marks the Buddha's birth and death.


Our program will include listening, reflecting, meditating and chanting, in each of the following:


9.30    The Hinayana: readings from the Dhammapada.


10.30  Tea break


11.00   The Mahayana: parables and other readings from Mahayana texts.


11.40:  The Vajrayana: advice from the masters of wisdom.


12.20:  Celebratory Puja to Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha


1.00     Tea and birthday cake!


Please come for part or all of the program.

Experience Level: 

All - For all levels of experience

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