Saturday Meditation & Dharma class

Every Saturday at 9:30am

9.30-10.30  Led meditation (front room) and un-led meditation (back room). 11am-12noon Dharma classes - all levels. Beginners welcome.

On Saturday mornings we gather for meditation and a Dharma session. This is open to all, from beginners to long-experienced practitioners.

At 9:30am we run 2 meditations - a led meditation for people who either need guidance in meditation or those who would like more instruction and an un-led meditation where we begin by chanting the traditional Buddhist Refuges and Precepts then meditate with bells rung for the mindfulness of breathing or metta bhavana (loving-kindness) meditations.

We break for tea at 10:30.

From 11am til 12 noon we run a session on a Buddhist topic. Essentially Order members share their practice and others are invited to explore the topic from their own perspective and experience.

Facilities are provided at the Centre to donate. However, if you would like to donate online you can at the Sydney Buddhist Centre Give page.

Experience Level: 

All - For all levels of experience