Radical Buddha; Radical Mind

Radical Buddha; Radical Mind
First Class Starts: Tuesday, 7 May 2019 - 7:00pm
Repeats every week every Tuesday until Tue Jun 11 2019

About The Course

Many people are hungry for meaning, altruism and positive community.  We want more positive emotions, improved relationships, like-minded friends, a sense of connection, and a quieter mind.

This course helps us realise that we can change our lives in the way we want to change and be the person we want to be, that contentment comes from within, and that we are interconnected in ways we may not realise.  

It gives us the tools to begin to change our lives by debunking the idea that we are separate, fixed and unchanging entities, with all the isolation that can bring.  

We come to realise that focussing just on ourselves and getting what we want cannot ultimately bring contentment.  Selfishness is self-defeating.  Contentment comes from becoming more connected to others, not from being cut off from them.

The course will follow the threefold Buddhist path of Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom.

But you don’t have to see yourself as a Buddhist to do this course – anyone who wants to grow can benefit from it, whether you see yourself in those terms or not.  

There will be plenty of interactive discussion, exercises and meditation practices throughout the course.

What We'll Do Together On The Course

Week 1  - Explore three key Buddhist ‘operational concepts’: that we can change; that contentment comes from inside; and that we are interrelated.  Discover how to sit comfortably in our posture workshop, and learn the calming and grounding Mindfulness of Breathing practice.

Week 2 – Investigate how we can change; how we can take control of the processes of change; and how we can change in the way we want to change and be the person we want to be, through exploring the Buddhist Wheel of Life, the gap of freedom, and the law of Karma. Go deeper into the Mindfulness of Breathing practice.

Week 3 –Jointly invent with the class a system of ethics or guidelines on how to act, that expresses our combined intuitions, our combined sense of what is admirable, and what we would like to be.  Compare the results with the five ethical precepts of Buddhism.  Learn the Metta Bhavana practice of loving kindness to ourselves and others.

Week 4 – Further explore Buddhist ethics through the five precepts of kindness, generosity, non-craving, authenticity and awareness.  Discover why Buddhism speaks in terms of ‘skilful and unskilful’ rather than ‘good and evil’.  Go deeper into the Metta Bhavana practice.

Week 5 – Engage in an experiential workshop on meditation, and explore imagery, the breath and body awareness to harness and balance our energies in meditation.  Consider ways to establish a meditation practice at home.

Week 6 – Having explored ethics and meditation, in this final week we’ll delve into the fundamental Buddhist wisdom teachings, through exploring the three marks of conditioned existence (the lakshanas): impermanence, lack of self-nature, and the unsatisfactoriness of life.  Understanding and experiencing the lakshanas can lead to transformation and growth, greater connectedness, and confirmation that happiness comes from within.  

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We offer two rates for this event: the full rate is $180 and there is a concession rate of $135. This covers all six weeks. Book using the form below or contact us if you have any questions.

Led by Kamalamayi


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